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Winning with HCL-SAP Forum 2012

Delhi, 8th Feb 2013

At HCL’s Winning with HCL-SAP Forum 2012, experts from HCL and SAP along with leading Information technology experts shared their insights, showcased the latest offerings and solutions. They answered the enterprise CIO's most pressing questions with regard to this important business technology area. Some of the questions that were addressed are:

  • What services does HCL offer in Enterprise Space
  • What makes us different from other IT Service Providers
  • What business problems we solve and how in context of ERP and BI.
  • What kind of partnerships we have?
  • What are business benefits HCL and SAP jointly offer to Market?
  • What is our expertise and implementation and delivery experience in SAP products?


CFO, NOCIL Ltd. - “We implemented SAP Go-live on April 12 Financial Theory. Experience has been wonderful, the product has been wonderful, it has really changed our way of analyzing things and as we go further we expect a product to deliver a much better applications, much better analytics.

We found HCL to be very flexible adaptable to our requirements and which was one of the key essential ingredient for selection of partner. We wish HCL all the very best in their future endeavors.”

Head SAP IT, India Glycols Ltd. - “I have been associated with HCL almost 1 and a half year and we have done a business intelligence implementation project with HCL Info which got over last year in August. The partnership with HCL so far been very beneficial and we find HCL team to be very knowledgeable in the domain in which they serve. We wish them well and hoping for a mutually beneficial relationship hereafter. ”

Head IT, Lava International Ltd. - “I have been dealing with HCL for last 8 months taking various services on SAP and related technologies including hardware. We had various improvement projects in last 8 months and found them very energetic. Honest to deal with, I really wish them all the best for their growth and continuing success. ”

GM IT, Su-Kam Power - “HCL is giving us FMS and they are actually supporting in very good environment and are doing a lot of additions into that. So, we are very much happy with the services provided by HCL.”


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