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Winning with HCL-SAP Forum 2012

Delhi, 8th Feb 2013

At HCL’s Winning with HCL-SAP Forum 2012, experts from HCL and SAP along with leading Information technology experts shared their insights, showcased the latest offerings and solutions. They answered the enterprise CIO's most pressing questions with regard to this important business technology area.

Sustainable Smart IT Infrastructure 2013

Kolkata 28th May 2013

Today, organizations are more dynamic than ever. To keep pace with the ever-evolving IT infrastructure requirements, CIO's place their trust on a solid foundation of compute. storage, networking, virtualization and software resources.

The Leadership Forum 2012

Delhi 27th July 2012

Establish thought leadership & CACP (Create awareness, Change perception) around our Services & Cloud offerings through a dialogue enabled by independent consultant (Gartner) & targeting CIO’s from Manufacturing, Auto, Oil & Gas, Retail & Healthcare verticals.


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