Cloud Services

In the context of growing business and a highly dynamic business environment, CIOs today are severely challenged by:

As CIOs grapple with these challenges of IT cost, legacy complexity, speed and agility, they are increasingly considering cloud application and platform technologies for change to keep costs and downtime to a minimum.

Transform your business with Cloud

Cloud Computing is a revolutionary idea that can metamorphose the way IT is delivered and can transform the IT industry providing organizations with the right flexibility, reliability and security that is needed for business growth. Cloud has enabled companies to eliminate large capital investments in hardware to deploy their service or resources to operate it.

Cloud not only ensures a Greener IT but also has the potential to create new markets for your growth and transform the existing ones.


With the simplicity that is associated with the cloud, several organizations find it highly complex to understand and determine what suits best for their business, what to move to cloud and what not, how to ensure a smooth transition etc. A right system integrator and cloud partner can enable organizations to make this transition and start quickly benefiting from cloud.


Depending on the size, maturity and the business need of the organization, companies can choose between available delivery models like Private, Public or Hybrid cloud and service models like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) etc.

Whatever your business need is, HCL will enable your journey towards cloud!


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