Data Centre Management Services

Today each minute witnesses the generation of over 50 hours of video content on youtube, 6+ lakh social updates as well as over 100000 news and information content over the internet. Add to this the internal and sensitive information about suppliers, partners, employees, customers and investors that is critical for any enterprise, and you will understand why data centres must be super centres today.

As such it is critical to ensure that data centres are flexible and efficient enough to support this business growth. We at HCL understand this perfectly and ensure to reduce IT Infrastructure and operational costs, provide higher service levels along with an efficient and effective IT Infrastructure management through a unified service delivery framework and next generation IT operations management tools.

We work with our customers to provide

Our Data Centre Management Services include

Data Centre Services

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Monitor power, cooling and environmentals across non IT facilities and IT systems in the data centre as well as managing the use of space, and lifecycle of assets

Backup Management Services

ITL compliant with deep product knowledge & best practices focusing on providing comprehensive 24x7 monitoring & management of your backup and recovery environment under strict SLAs

Disaster Recovery Services

HCLs Disaster Recovery Services are focused on ensuring that our customer's business is always ready, running and resilient in the event of any unforeseen disruption. This includes business impact & technical analysis with automated drills and real-time RTO/RPO monitoring


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